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Changes to the School Uniform

posted 25 Jun 2018, 16:48 by Lizzie Greenstreet

We are looking to make some changes to the school uniform for the start of next year and would like your feedback on this. Mrs Greenstreet will email out a digital survey for you that shows some of the proposed changes and provides opportunity for feedback. 
It has been fun to watch the children trying on the new uniform, and the level of excitement this has generated. One student was so excited that he was dancing when he put it on. 
There are several key reasons for this proposed change: 

  • Firstly, it is timely for a change. To freshen the look of our students with something that is more modern, that the students can wear with pride. 
  • We are looking at designs with more durable materials and designs. For example: a current problem we have is the loss of buttons. This design should help with this. 
  • Currently our shirts are very similar to neighbouring schools and we want our children to be clearly recognisable. 
There will be no cost increase with this proposed change. The total cost of the uniform will be slightly cheaper than the current uniform, although some individual items maybe be slightly more expensive. 
There will be a bigger range of optional items, such as long pants and a waterproof rain jacket. 
We are proposing a 2 year implementation phase for the new uniform. However we know that children will often want the newest gear. In this case the big change is the shirts, and by purchasing a couple of new shirts, students will be able to match the new uniform. 

We are really excited with the proposed changes, but would appreciate your feedback, through the survey, before we progress any further.