Inquiry topics for 2018

Term 1 - Living on the Edge
Your family is about to purchase a very expensive new home. The real estate agent has shown you homes that overlook the
water. Throughout New Zealand and Auckland you have heard stories of erosion affecting homes. As it is so costly you decide to investigate everything possible about the various locations. Make sure you take a very close look at
the geology of the area before making your choice. Using skilful compare and contrast decide between two houses. Which would you buy and how does your new knowledge of the geology of these two areas affect your decision?

Term 2 - NZ History
Students will have an opportunity to learn more about the history of conflict within New Zealand and to consider the impact this has had on our country.

Term 3 - Science Fair
Every day we make decision - which soap powder to use, which bread to eat, which battery is best.  Many of the decisions we make are based on assumptions.  When asked we may have difficulty giving good reasons for our choices.  Your challenge is to bust an assumption.  Carry out a scientific investigation that uncovers the real truth and display the results so the rest of the school can learn from your work.

Term 4 - TBC