15 Days to go

posted 12 Sep 2018, 15:51 by Lizzie Greenstreet   [ updated 12 Sep 2018, 15:51 ]
We are very close now to our departure date and there are a few things to remember.
  1. blog site- Please make sure you are able to view this and comment.  We had some difficulty with approving comments but we have sorted this now so please try this before next week.  This will be the only contact while we are over there.  https://pakintjapan2018.blogspot.com/  
  2. Passports- Mr Johnston will be collecting all passports and keeping them in the school safe until we leave.  The students only need to worry about themselves and their luggage, we will bring all passports and tickets.
  3. Japan in the news- Japan has been in the news recently for some major weather events.  These events are far enough away from our destination that they will have no effect on the trip.  While I can't guarantee fine weather, I can tell you that the areas the group is going to are currently under no threat with no issues.  As I type this the temperature in Tokyo is 21 degrees with a high expected of 27.
  4. Meeting next week- We would like all parents/caregivers to be at the meeting next Tuesday evening at 7pm in Room 1.  We will give out contact details and other information for our time over there.  I would like to share contact details of all parents with each other (phone and email).  If you would prefer your details were not on this list, please let me know.
Thank-you and we will see you next Tuesday.