Parent Meeting - 1 May

posted 1 May 2018, 15:34 by Lizzie Greenstreet   [ updated 1 May 2018, 16:11 ]
Thank-you to those who were able to make the meeting last night.  Our next Parent meeting is Tuesday 19th June, again at 7pm in Room 1.

Points covered last night:
  1. Flights are booked- Depart Friday 28th September 9am, Arrive Sunday 7th October 12:40pm
  2. Please hand a copy of your passport to the office, either bring this in and the office staff will copy it for you or copy the details page yourself.  
  3. Travel insurance application forms handed out.  Please complete and hand back to the office.  If there is any pre-exisiting medical condition remember to complete the back page of the form.  The insurance company will assess and decide if they need to contact you for extra information.
  4. There is an opportunity for fundraising is enough people are interested.  You will pay the office $60 and receive a box of chocolates to sell.  Once the box is sold you get your $60 back so you are not out of pocket.  Of the money you paid to the office, $24 goes straight to your trip money and the rest is paid for the chocolates.  Please return the permission slip that will come home if you are interested in participating.  We need a minimum of 10 boxes for this to go ahead.
  5. Kirsty Williams (Brooke's Mum) has also said she has some fundraising ideas if others are interested in working together on this.  Please contact her if you would like to organise this, you can email me and I will forward you her contact details.
  6. A reminder to please keep up with payments.  All dates are on the timeline sheet handed out with the acceptance letter.