PB4L Rewards

Gold Cards

Reward Choice


$1 tuckshop voucher


Tuck shop fizzy drink

Sit with a friend for the day

Dibs on a school device for the day

Play on a device in 3rd break



Mini chocolate

Teacher chair for the day


Staff room hot chocolate

10 minutes free time

Lunch 10 minutes early

$2.50 tuckshop voucher

Eat during class

Bring lollies to school for the day

Choose fitness activity

An item from the sports shed for the day


$3 tuckshop voucher

Pack of 5 pens

Own shoes for the day at school

20 minutes free time

Pick one specialties class for the day

Pencil case

Free stationery pack(1x pencil, 1x blue pen, 1x red pen, 1x sharpener, ruler)

Personal postcard from teacher to home

Block of chocolate

Listen to the radio in class


Lunch with a friend during class

Game console for an hour

40 mins on the computer

$5 tuckshop voucher

15 minutes in the fitness room at break

Teacher for a block

Mufti for a day (once per term max)


1 song on intercom for whole school

No homework for 2 weeks

Choice of what the class does for a block

Teacher’s assistant for the day

Movie with popcorn

Choose sport for the week

$5 sushi voucher

Caretaker’s helper for the morning


1 block of free time for yourself and a friend

Choose a game for the class to play for 30 mins

Teacher for half a day

Visit to Pakuranga Library

Listening to music with earphones in class

Class shared lunch

1 Pizza for lunch

Mufti with a friend for a day (once per term max)


Whole class mufti day

Hot chips for the whole class

$10 tuck shop voucher

Class picnic day

Whole class movie and free day

2 friends to pools

Go to the mall with a friend and staff member

Lunch with a friend and 1 staff member at Westfield