Reporting to Parents

Term 1
Meet the Teacher Evening is held in early February.  This is an opportunity to get to know each other and share any relevant information to help ensure a successful year.
Interim Reports are given at Three Way Conferences at the end of Term 1 (March/April)

Term 2 
Celebration of learning.  Parents are invited to visit the school to tour the classroom, engaging with their child and viewing the displays that showcase the learning this term.

Term 3
Student led conferences.  Students will reflect on their progress towards goals and put together a plan with the help of teachers and parents.

Term 4 
Final Report (December)

If you have any concerns regarding a child’s progress or behaviour, we would encourage you to address your concerns initially with the class teacher and/or senior teacher. However, if problems persist, it may be necessary to discuss it further with one of the Deputy Principal's or for serious cases, directly with the Principal.

We hope you will enjoy our reporting format. We would encourage feedback from parents and caregivers on whether we have achieved our goal of sharing accurate, relevant, plain language reporting within a collaborative setting.