The specialties programme takes place four afternoons a week and in 2016 consists of 4 weeks doing each of the following subjects:

Science 1 with Ms Bracey
Our students, possibly future scientists, explore by actively doing interesting mini experiments. Science with Ms Bracey will help to extend their thinking, discuss, observe and understand science. Student quotes: “Can we do it again?”, “That’s the kind of science I like!”, “Science is fun!”.

Science 2 with Miss Van Der Merwe
Students take the role of scientists by experimenting, observing, gathering evidence, debating ideas, and forming and testing theories, in contexts such as floatation, sound, chemical reactions and brain science.

Soft Materials with Mrs Plows
Students learn how to measure, pin and tack to construct a simple utility bag, using hand stitches. They then move to advanced sewing techniques using decorations.
Cartooning with Mr Blankenaar
Cartooning challenges students to plan, create, investigate and respond to a variety of comic styles. The programme guides students to develop their own ideas, images and stories.

Graphics and Design with Mr Nair
Graphics and Design is a visual language. Students use sketching, freehand drawing, captions, illustrations and computer generated images to communicate ideas and information. The use of different types of fonts, colour, textured paper and specific captions are an integral part of the Graphics & Design programme.

Physical Education with Ms Gainsford
In PE Specialties the students develop their confidence, ability and skill through playing a range of large and small ball sports.

Music with Miss Richards
For this specialties class students are exposed to a range of music and try their hand at playing various instruments.

French with Mrs Ready
The students learn simple French terms and phrases.

Te Ao Kori with Matua Taiwhanga
Students explore the Maori world of movement.